Table of Contents

1. Neon Fire Fly ($75-$150)
2. Bubble Minnie ($50-$300)
3. Anderson Minnow ($75-$100)
4. Make-Em Bite ($350-$500)
5. Cats Paw ($50-$75)
6. Dubble Header ($50-$500)
7. Glowbody Minnow ($50-$400)
8. Magnetic Weedless ($20-$40)
9. Johnson Striker ($200-$400)
10. Combination Minnow ($250-$300)
11. Pflueger All-in-One ($100-$2000+)
12. Retrievable Minnow ($300-$1800)
13. Fenner Weedless ($15-$60)
14. Rhodes Frog ($140-$2000)
15. Darby Weedless ($100-$800)
16. Schaller Three Bagger ($50-$350)
17. Evans Weed Queen ($100-$200)
18. Wilson 6-in-1 ($75-$500)
19. E-Z WAY ($200-$1000)
20. Drake’s Sea Bat ($75-$150)
21. Automatic Weedless ($100-$150)
22. PLUS: A Note About Lure Values

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About the Author
Rob Pavey, a full-time writer and outdoors columnist with The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle, has collected and studied fishing lures more than 24 years. His awardd winning collection of early lures and boxes is among the most comprehensive ever assembled.

Rob is a 22-year member of the National Fishing Lure Collectors Club and has authored or edited three reference books on antique tackle and written dozens of magazine and feature articles on the topic. His educational website contains photos and details on hundreds of other early lure makers, as well as information on collecting and appraisals.

If you’ve got a lure you think he might be interested in, or just want to ask him some questions about collecting antique tackle, shoot him an email at: