Alaska has far more black bears than any other state or Canadian province, with up to a quarter-million animals roaming our largest state. My choice for a fun, economical hunt is to rent a vehicle on Prince of Wales Island, and spot-and-stalk bears along the island’s more than 2,000 miles of logging roads. This island, the third biggest in the U.S., offers diverse country, from rain forests to clear-cuts to open alpine country. Bears roam everywhere, and hunters typically have good success. Prince of Wales is receiving more interest from bear hunters and pressure is increasing every year, but there’s plenty of room and bears to go around. A number of B&Bs;, lodges and motels offer accommodations. You can ferry your vehicle over, but it’s cheaper to rent one on the island. For information, contact Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce (P.O. Box 497, Craig, AK 99921; 907-826-3870).