I’m often asked about starting kids in flyfishing. What is the best age to start them, understanding that casting can be a tricky test of coordination, as is wading in rivers? Certainly, you want to avoid the frustration factor and keep things safe at all times. I guess the only answer I can give is that it depends on the kid. Some 6-year-olds, for example, can throw and catch a baseball like a champ… for others, it takes a few more years. I started flyfishing at age 11. We have a family tradition now of making the 10th birthday present the first fly rod, though the kids certainly dabble with flyfishing well before that.

What do you think?

By the way, on the flip side, I will say that it’s never too late to start. Case in point, my friend, a 58-year-old teacher who just started flyfishing because she needed another summer hobby… and she’s pretty good!