Scanning my weekend Web-mail, I noticed the good folks at Midcurrent commented on Barack Obama’s campaign stop in Missoula, Montana, where the Illinois Senator said: “I think I need to learn flyfishing, get myself some waders.” (From the Great Falls Tribune.)

Granted, Fly Talk is a self-professed apolitical blog. But I must say, any scant attention whatsoever to flyfishing (campaign crowd-work or otherwise) by a presidential candidate is welcome.

As for the waders, I suggest a good pair of Simms G4s, Mr. Senator, to help you wade through the campaign muck in the weeks ahead. And if you’re serious about flyfishing, we’ll be here near Denver in August to show you the ropes. Shouldn’t be too much going on then to prevent a little side trip to the river, should there?

I wonder what the Fly Talk nation thinks. Do any of the candidates, Sen. McCain, Sen. Clinton, or Sen. Obama, flip your switch with regard to the thinking they hope to apply to the nation’s highest office? Which candidate will make the angling quality of life better over the next four years? How?