Longtime readers of our print edition may recall that I’m an occasional fan of Barbie rods. These shocking pink, incredibly cheap spincast outfits for kiddies can actually be fun to fish with.

According to an article published a couple of days ago in the Raleigh (North Carolina) News & Observer, no one knows this better than David Hayes, who managed to catch a state-record, 21-pound, 1-ounce channel catfish with his granddaughter’s Barbie rod. Hayes had taken 3-year-old Alyssa fishing at his private pond. The young girl caught some bluegills, than handed the rod to her grandfather while she went back to the house to use the bathroom.

That’s when the monster struck. A half hour later, Hayes netted the big cat, which a state biologist eventually certified as a new North Carolina record.

This might have been dumb luck. Then again, maybe there really is something to this Barbie rod business.