I like bass fishing, really I do. Having been scuba diving with the bass (see the upcoming Dec.-Jan. issue), I find them absolutely fascinating. And there’s nothing quite like the charge of a largemouth crashing a swimbait.

But someone please tell me why bass can’t fight.

I mean, playing a bass usually involves about as much action and drama as the Spinks-Tyson fight did in 1988. Jump, shake, fall down. It’s over in a matter of seconds. The bucket-mouth (smallies and stripers are excluded from this) might indeed be the ultimate “tomato can” among fish.

I watch the pros reef in bass like they’re pulling carrots out of the garden and wonder “What gives?” Well, bass give … they give-up. Bass could learn to fight harder from the French. When I hook a bass, I hear Boy George in my head … “I’ll Tumble 4 Ya.” I don’t know why, but it gives me the creeps.

I’m not saying what I think the toughest fish in the world is, but it rhymes with mako shark. Steelhead are pretty darn sporty when you add some river current. Even the much-maligned carp shows up for the bout. Not terribly flashy or pretty, but they’ll slug it out. Call carp the “Tex” Cobbs of the fishing world.