We played this game sometime in the dead of winter if I’m not mistaken, right? We received some good responses. Now that July 4th is almost upon us though I expect some answers that should make me salivate and froth at the mouth, scaring whoever might be sitting next to me when I read your responses.

I shot this video about a week and a half ago in Ensenada, Mexico. I had spent the day eating fish tacos and helping on a photo shoot across the way from a fantastic fish market that had been beckoning me the entire time. When it was time to leave someone suggested we go get a fish for dinner. Of course Mr. “I run a fishing blog for Field and Stream” has to go pick out the fish. Great, so it’s my ass when everyone on the shoot gets sick…

Turns out my fears were completely unfounded. We purchased a entire yellowtail for $20 US dollars and had it cleaned and cut into steaks on the spot. Yes, that’s right, twenty bucks for the entire fish that fed seven people. We promptly went home, pan seared and plopped her in the oven covered in spices and veggies. What an amazing meal!

What’s your latest scrumptious fish dish? Granted it’s better tasting if you caught it, but we’ll listen even if you didn’t.


ps–can that guy cut some steaks or what?