The five best flyfishing books off all time are:

5. The River Why, by David James Duncan. Eloquent and poignant, especially in the married- life context. This is the book my non-fishing friends read and admire.

4. A River Runs Through It, by Norman Maclean. This novella exudes the tightest prose this side of E.B. White. Yeah … it’s the essence. If you get it, you are a flyfisher. And the two-hour movie barely scratches the surface of what’s really in the written work.

3. River Music, by James Babb. It’s Babb’s best work to date, which is tall praise, since everything he writes is wonderful. As a technician, Babb is incredible … and I’ve seen him fish. It’s all real.

2. The Longest Silence, by Thomas McGuane. This collection is the best snapshot compilation of essays on the sport ever produced.

1. The Habit of Rivers, by Ted Leeson. Reading this book for the first time was a life-changing experience. Leeson’s range crosses genres and generations; he is the Eric Clapton of outdoor writers.

Buy ’em. Borrow ’em. Steal ’em. Read all these works, and you will shorten the fly fishing “enlightenment curve” by 20-30 years … promise.