EVERY YEAR, MANUFACTURERS parade a pile of new archery products, each one billed as the latest and greatest. F&S looked at hundreds of them before choosing the four to feature here. Each accessory at right stands out because it’s well made, innovative, and practical.


Some archers prefer capture rests for total containment of the arrow; others like fall-aways for perfectly unimpeded flight. The Trophy Taker Extreme FC, the latest in a proven line, combines both concepts. A full-capture ring prevents your arrow from falling, a new 1½-inch launcher automatically centers the arrow for consistent accuracy, and a rubberized polymer coating silences the rest. $100-$110; 406-826-0600;


Anything installed near the center of your bowstring decreases arrow velocity. The heavier it is, the more speed you lose. That’s one reason why savvy archers replace brass nocksets with a lightweight string loop. You can also quicken your arrows by switching from a standard aluminum peep to a magnesium Meta Peep from G5 Outdoors. One-third lighter than standard models, it reportedly improves arrow speed by 2 to 5 fps. Available in 3/16-, 5/16-, and ¼-inch diameters. $10; 866-456-8836;


How many times have you climbed into your stand, settled in, and suddenly noticed that one little branch just out of your reach is sabotaging your whole setup? Now you can do something about it (besides sit and stew). Grab a backup arrow, remove the field tip, and screw in the Clear Shot Limb Trimmer pocket-size saw. It weighs just ¼ pound and fits any 8/32 arrow shaft. Reach out, zip off that twig, and you’re sitting pretty. $25; 800-861-9774;


For the accuracy-obsessed archer, and in keeping with their reputation for innovative designs, New Archery Products offers a radical new way to attach your arrow to the bowstring. The ThunderBall Magnetic Nock System combines one magnet on the string and another in the arrow’s nock. Used together, they are designed to eliminate string torque for better accuracy. The theory is sound, and it only costs a few bucks to try it for yourself. $17; 800-323-1279;