Many pet owners start out potty training their dogs using puppy training pads. Wee-wee pee pads (we did not make this up) can help puppies understand that there’s a place where it’s OK to pee, which then makes it easier for pet owners to know when duty’s calling and so transition the pup to outdoors elimination. Here are some additional reasons to consider whether using pet training pads might be a good idea for your pet.

Tough Schedules

Top Pick

Selection factors include absorbent capacity (usually the number of layers), odor control, and durability, although some pups will chew up anything in sight. Four Paws

When your schedule has Daisy crossing her legs by the time you get home, pet training pads could be a solution. Instead of pushing the limits of your pet’s bladder control, consider offering her an option by placing a training pad in the same place every day.

Older Dogs

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A large option like this model helps you make sure your dog won’t miss their target. Medline

Not unlike humans, as dogs get older their bladders are harder for them to control. Doggy dementia can also cause them to forget their potty training. They may become injured or sick, impacting their ability to make it to the door. Pet training pads help, especially ones with an odor attractant to help the dog target the right spot. You can also sprinkle some of your pet’s urine in the center of the pad to give them the right idea.

No Outdoor Access


Washable/re-useable products are convenient and cut down on the trash you produce. KOOLTAIL

You may not live where an outdoors pee/poop spot is accessible or safe. Pet training pads help make pet ownership a possibility even when you have no regular outdoor access.