The first goes out to all those who posted comments on this blog. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, which made writing this trip a joy.


I’d also like to thank Chevy for providing our Avalanche, which turned out to be the perfect vehicle for this kind of adventure. Lots of lockable, easy to access space made packing and unpacking each morning a simple chore. And the XM radio you included kept Tim and I from killing each other — there’s nothing like NPR to cool your blood.

To Bass Pro Shops; thanks again for the use of all your gear. We’ve given it to Alec Griffin of Uptown Angler, who is distributing it among Boy Scout troops in the greater New Orleans area. May the kids get as much use out of it as Tim and I.

To Tracker; your little Grizzly served us well. We’re sorry about the paint job, and we hope the outboard isn’t too fried after we overheated it in the duckweed swamp.

To ThermaCell, whose bug protection gear saved our skins from bites (and from a curing in DEET) when we were cooking and camping in the mosquito infested Mississippi bottomlands; I’ll be honest, I thought your stuff was a gimmick when I first tried it out, but when we turned one on and those bugs left the county I turned into a believer, and fast. I won’t go camping in bug territory without one.

And last, to all the wonderful people we met on our trip, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, your stories, your fishing spots, and your friendship. You made this a journey I’ll never forget.