There is an old joke I love for how economically it conveys the reality of deer hunting.

A city guy wanders into the only bar in a small town and asks, “Can any of you guys tell me a good spot to put up a tree stand and shoot a deer? I’ve never done it before.”

The guys in the bar roll their eyes at one another and one decides to have a little fun with him. “Sure thing,” he says. “It’s simple. You know those big yellow highway signs you see with a deer on’em?”

“Sure,” the dude says.

“Well, we put those out just to help guys like you. Drive around until you see one, park, go into the woods right there, and set up in the first tree you find.”

The guy thanks him and leaves, whereupon everybody in the bar pounds the trickster on the back and laughs until beer sprays out their noses.

Two hours later, the hunter comes back. “Could any of you guys show me how to clean this thing?”