I’ve just returned from Las Vegas and the SHOT show, the hunting industry’s annual beer-and-gear-fest, where a new scent-elimination product caught my eye. It will probably turn out to be another gimmick. On the other hand, it could mean the end of ScentLok, Scent Shield, and all the other companies that seek to muffle odor with burnt coconut carbon, silver ions, and the secretions of the Eastern Spadefoot Toad.

Indexmedia_clip_image006_2It’s called the MOXY Generation Unit, and looks decidedly un-sexy, rather like a portable vacuum cleaner with a hose that hooks up to a garment bag like you use when forced to buy a new suit. My grasp of science is slim, but here’s what little I understand of it. An oxygen molecule — O2 –is nothing more than two oxygen atoms stuck together. Okay, pay attention. More oxygen atoms can be added to the existing molecule. Ozone, for example, is O3. “Oxidizing” cleaners, which include chloride and Oxi-Clean (the one with the bearded guy yelling at you on TV), are quite popular these days. The more oxygen atoms you add, the more “powerful” the oxidizing molecule. Problem is, the more oxygen atoms you add, the more they repel each other. They’re about as stable as Britney Spears.

Anyway, MOXY claims to have found a “super oxidizing” metal ion which they’ve somehow kidnapped, imprisoned in the vacuum cleaner, and made go to work for them cranking out molecules with up to 14 oxygen atoms stuck to them. The machine, as I understand it, sucks in O2 and spits out the super-charged oxygen molecules, which get blown into the garment bag. The bag holds 4-to-6 hunting garments AND up to two pairs of boots you can stick in the bottom.

These are some badass molecules. The company says that in less than 20 minutes, these suckers not only neutralize odors on your stuff, they STAY in there for hours. This means your duds continue to pull odor away from your body and nuke it.

The unit can plug into any wall outlet, or even the 12-volt connection in your car. It will be available next spring and retail for $399. See if you want to get even more confused.

It’s easy to knock this idea, even (or especially) if you don’t understand it. On the other hand, if it works, it would certainly rock my world.

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