Christmas is coming! These are the days I enjoy browsing sites like Etsy and Pinterest and wondering how they got such stupid names. Then I look through their DIY hunting and fishing decorations and vow that I’ll put a fork through my forehead before I do any of them.

• I will not “Get Crafty With Shotgun Shell Ornaments” as the woman at left is doing. No glitter, no glue.

• I will not spend hours putting hundreds of tiny lights into hundreds of shells, stringing them together, and then adorning a bush or a tree or a pet, even if I could catch the pet.

• I will not make an ornament of a hook, worm, and bobber, along with a tiny placard that sums up everything you want a child to understand about the meaning of Christmas with the words Bite Me!

• I will not paint an antler red and white so that, for one week a year, it looks like a candy cane. Because for the other 51 weeks it looks like you were thinking of opening a barbershop and then gave up.

But I would like to call your attention to some brave individuals who have decided to do Christmas their way. The good folks at Wide Open Spaces dug up these pictures from around the web.


Yes, that’s Santa as a bowhunter.


I just wish I had the deer mounts, the ATV, and the cojones of this particular Santa.

Glitter photo by Brandon Lippard from