If you stop and think about it, many common American angling practices have been borrowed from other countries. Fly fishing has its origin in England. Many lures for muskie were copied from designs used by European pike anglers. Some of the most universal marlin tactics were derived from Australian methods. But now I say it’s time we adopt the South Korean ice fishing strategy.

To be honest, I didn’t even know it got cold enough to freeze massive bodies of water in South Korea. Not only was I mistaken, but people flock to the annual South Korean Ice Fishing Festival in numbers greater than Minnesota’s Eelpout Festival. Now, any good ice fishing shindig in the U.S. usually features a polar plunge through a hole in the ice. Well, over in South Korea, not only do they jump in, they stay in and catch cherry salmon–a.k.a. mountain trout–by hand. When you watch this, please pay special attention to the gentleman who attempts to quiet his hand-caught trout by biting its head off. I don’t know if that’s standard procedure, but it’s funny enough to send milk through your nose if you happen to be drinking it. Anyone up for trying this? – JC