Ducks Unlimited is orchestrating a “social media blitz” today to let Congress understand how much sportsmen want a new Farm Bill passed–because the conservation measures in that bill are the platform that have supported some of the most effective waterfowl and wildlife conservation programs ever. The last Congress dropped the ball in the contentious last-minute negotiations over appropriations, and the new bill that been hammered out for more than a year was never passed.

DU is asking its members and all sportsmen to Tweet about the bill as often as possible Wednesday, always adding #2013FarmBill, and share its Farm Bill story on its Facebook page.

As Dale Hall, CEO of DU, says pointedly, “Our situation is dire. A recent study from South Dakota State University tracked a 1.3-million-acre loss of grassland over a five-year period. This rapid rate of habitat loss hasn’t happened so quickly since the Dust Bowl era. The United States has also lost more than 50 percent of its wetlands. Meanwhile, the new expiration date of the farm bill continues to creep closer.”

The farm bill’s conservation programs help incentivize keeping native grasslands intact and prevents wetland drainage.