Despite the lack of sunlight that makes me moody (or so people tell me), December is probably my favorite month. Waterfowl seasons are typically reaching their peak, the hordes of opening-day pheasant hunters are gone, and I have the whole month to hunt deer with a muzzleloader. Throw in Christmas and New Year’s Eve, along with my birthday, and I have plenty of reasons to celebrate this time of year.


And celebrate I did this past weekend. Saturday I went goose hunting with a couple of friends. That afternoon, a long nap was in order followed by a birthday dinner with T_Rebel. On Sunday, I slept in and after, plucking the geese along with two pheasants I had hanging from earlier in the week, I went deer hunting.

Just at dark, my curiosity got the better of me and I threw away two months of chasing a tall, deep-forked muley by ending my deer season on a freaky buck whose antlers drooped down into his muzzle. It was a great way to put the cap on a good weekend, and I couldn’t help but pull out the camera and take a picture of my sink, where three geese, two pheasants, two tenderloins, and a deer heart sat waiting to be packaged.

How about you? Do you love December or are you a Scrooge? What’s the best weekend you’ve had?