The world of social media was all abuzz recently after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced he was only eating meat that he had killed himself. Apparently Ted Nugent “Likes” this news, as the bombastic former rocker has announced his willingness to to help Zuckerberg along in his quest.

From this story in the New York Daily News:
_Ted Nugent is stoked that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has moved from hacking – to slicing. The “Cat Scratch Fever” rocker, who was an early adopter when it came to hunting his own food, tells us he has reached out to Zuckerberg’s camp to help the computer genius with his new pledge to eat only what he kills.

“I’m not so much surprised but excited that a man of that demographic and this era’s power is coming forth and using the terms ‘I’m killing my food. I’m slicing their throats.’ That is perfection,” Nugent said.
_Zuckerberg revealed to Fortune late last month that his “personal challenge”is to become a more responsible consumer. As a result, he explained that a Silicon Valley chef named Jesse Cool had introduced him to nearby farmers and “advised him as he killed his first chicken, pig and goat. “Cool told the publication that the 27-year-old White Plains native “cut the throat of the goat with a knife, which is the most kind way to do it.” That was music to Nugent’s ears.

The 62-year-old gonzo guitarist and veteran bowhunter says he reached out to the billionaire almost immediately after the story broke. “I’m sincere. I want to teach him the spirituality of minimalist, honest consumerism,” says Nugent, who adds that he could show Zuckerberg “how you slice throats from 30 f˜ing yards.”_

Since Nugent generally provokes strong responses from both the lovers and the haters, we’ll just open up the floor to debate on this one. Good idea or bad? Could Zuckerberg find a better mentor or is Uncle Ted the best man for the job?