On July 15, 7-year-old Brandon Drewry landed this 79-pound cobia that is now the IGFA’s pending boy’s Smallfry record. The nearly 80-pound fish was 59 inches long. For Brandon, who clocks it at 48 inches tall and 52 pounds, the achievement is all the more extraordinary.

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_Of the four International Game Fish Association youth world records, three are held by Virginians. Brandon Drewry of Seaford just joined the list, taking over one of the Virginia-held marks.

And he did so with a fish that was bigger than he is.

On July 15, the 7-year-old landed a 79-pounder that is the IGFA pending boys Smallfry (10-under) record – topping the current mark by a half pound.

Drewry caught his fish near the York River, using a live eel. The fish cooperated with the young angler, swimming toward the boat and cutting the fight to just three minutes. __

…Drewry’s catch, if approved by the IGFA, will beat out the record currently held by his cousin, Ken Brady Jr., also of Seaford. Brady caught his fish in 2002.

Brady also owns the Junior (11-16) world record with an 86-pounder caught in 2006. He caught a 94-pounder last year, but the paperwork was misplaced and wasn’t turned in. Brady was on hand for the weigh-in of his young cousin’s pending record._