Fish stocks in the waters around Great Britain are being sucked dry and there could be no fish left by 2050, according to the head of the UK’s National Marine Aquarium.

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_The head of the National Marine Aquarium has warned there will be “no fish left in the seas” by 2050 unless practices are reformed immediately. Dr David Gibson says huge advances in fishing technology mean we have the ability to hunt fish “to extinction” and that whole food chains are collapsing as a result.
_His comments come as scientists warned mackerel could “vanish” from Westcountry shelves within three years because giant foreign trawlers and factory ships are being allowed to strip out the entire stock. Dozens of vessels have moved into the waters around the Faroe Islands and Iceland after the two island states’ governments abandoned quota agreements designed to protect stocks.

The shoals of migratory mackerel being exploited would normally return to British waters in the autumn. But this year there are expected to be far fewer due to enormous ships processing up to 1,500 tons of fish a day. Fisheries minister Richard Benyon said mackerel would top the agenda when EU fisheries ministers meet this week._