Catching a 575 lb. fish on anything short of a logging chain is an accomplishment, but catching a 575 lb. fish on 13 lb. test line? Sounds impossible, but this Australian man did just that when he landed a monster tiger shark on line some of us wouldn’t use for bass…

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_A Sydney man has broken a world record by hooking a massive 575lb (260.8kg) tiger shark during a game fishing competition near Port Hedland on Australia’s northwest coast, the Sunday Herald Sun reported. Amazingly, Brett Sinclair caught the giant shark on just a 13lb (6kg) fishing line, which is usually used to catch snapper and salmon. He beat the world’s previous best catch on the line weight by more than 220lb (100kg). The 27-year-old was participating in a fishing competition when he landed the beast from a rented boat just after midnight on Aug. 1. It took more than three hours to reel the giant shark in. “When the shark started to run we had to drop the anchor and go after it. It took hours for the shark to tire,” Sinclair said.