Authorities are once again warning American anglers to stay on the US side of Falcon after a Texas man and his grandson reportedly were fired upon by members of the Mexican military while fishing the Mexican side of the sprawling border lake.

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_An investigation has been launched by the Zapata County Sheriff’s Office after an American claimed he and his grandson came under fire on Falcon Lake while they were fishing. The fisherman told authorities a group of men in green fatigues opened fire on them earlier this month. Sheriff’s officials said no one was injured, but they believe the shooting was not cartel related and shots may have been fired by members of the Mexican military. Falcon Lake is a 60-mile-long reservoir on the Rio Grande, shared by the U.S. and Mexico. Officials added this latest incident happened on the Mexican side of the lake after the fisherman apparently crossed the international boundary.

This is the third reported shooting on Falcon Lake within the past year. Last year, American David Hartley was shot and killed by alleged cartel members after he and he wife crossed over to the Mexican side of the lake on jet skis. The following May, 12 alleged cartel members and one marine were killed in a gun battle on the lake. Mexican officials said the cartel members were smuggling marijuana into Texas when they were approached by the marines. Texas Parks and Wildlife officials have advised tourists not to cross into the Mexican side of the lake due to the dangers of the ongoing drug war._