Old Blighty carnivores beware: There’s a “mad vegetarian” on the loose in one British city, and your local butcher shop may be the next target of his vegan wrath.


From this story in Metro UK:

Police hunt ‘mad vegetarian’ vandalising butchers shops in Bristol. Police are hunting a hooded man who is believed to be behind the vandalism of six butchers shops in Bristol. Shopkeepers at the family-run stores believe a ‘mad vegetarian’ could be behind the attacks, which began eight weeks ago. Between them, the shops have had their windows or door smashed with a brick a total of 11 times. Adrian Cunliffe, director of Millhouse Family Butchers, believes the two attacks on his shop could be animal rights-related since no attempt was made to steal anything either time.

Mr Cunliffe said: ‘There has to be a motive so maybe it is animal rights activists or someone with something against butchers. ‘But surely they would put something on the brick or leave a note to say why it has been done, otherwise it would just be mindless vandalism.’ Each attack has taken place in the early hours of the morning and witnesses have reported seeing a hooded man fleeing the scene. Avon and Somerset Police are keen to speak to a white man aged 20-30, of medium build and wearing jogging bottoms and a grey hooded top who has been seen near a number of the butchers around the time of the attacks. A spokesman said: ‘We are looking into the possibility that these incidents could be linked.’

So what do you think? Animal rights monkey-wrencher, protein-deprived nutter, or just some dude who doesn’t like butchers? How long do you think it’ll be before we see the press release from PETA lauding him as a hero?