Here’s one from the “Would You Like That Frappuccino Leaded Or Unleaded?” files. Customers at a Cheyenne, Wyoming Starbucks got a surprise recently when a young girl’s purse gun went off–in her purse.

From this story in USA Today:

Police in Wyoming say nobody was hurt when a small gun that was inside a girl’s purse fired while she was in a Cheyenne Starbucks. The bullet went through a chair and into a wall and narrowly missed several customers. Police say the mishap occurred while officers were at the coffee shop around 7:00 a.m. on Monday. They found a gunshot hole in the purse and a small, Derringer-type, double-barrel .38 Special inside.

Authorities say the girl is under age 18 and didn’t release her name. She was cited for underage possession of a firearm. The Wyoming Tribune Eagle ( ) reported that the girl’s father had given her the gun and encouraged her to carry it for her protection. According to police records, she hasn’t had any formal firearms training.

Accident, or something else? After all, this is Cheyenne, Wyoming we’re talking about. Maybe it was just a warning shot for that dude who, rather than just order a cup of coffee, takes five minutes giving instructions on how he wants his shade-grown, free-trade soy latte…