You know, I’m pretty sure this is an unapproved, off-label use for bear spray.

From this (freakin’ hilarious) story in the UK Daily Mail:

A swinging couple who sprayed bear repellent into the face of a man after a sex session went wrong have been ordered to pay their victim £400 in compensation. Stephen Barclay, 36, and his lover Leanne Reid, 31, had been spending a drug-fuelled weekend at their home with total stranger Owen Greenan, whom they met on the internet.

But the session turned ugly when Mr Greenan refused to let Barclay take a picture of him sitting on the toilet in the early hours of the Sunday morning. Reid handed her partner a can of Sabre Wild Max Bear Attack deterrent spray and he released the chemical into Mr Greenan’s face. He fled the house in agony and was found running down a road by a lorry driver and the police were called. Officers later arrested Reid and Barclay and charged them with a string of offences.

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