Remember the story about the 18-year-old Colorado teen whose 31-pound striper shattered the state record?

In what is becoming a depressingly common theme this year, the record catch has been nullified because the boy apparently lied about where it was caught.

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A Longmont teen lied about where he caught a hefty striped bass last month, he admitted Wednesday night, so he can’t claim the state record for the 31-pound, 8.4-ounce fish he landed. “It was a different lake, a different place,” said 18-year-old Isaac Sprecher. He said it was “stupid and immature” for him to have originally contended that he’d caught the striper on April 20 at northwest Longmont’s McIntosh Lake, when he’d actually reeled it in that afternoon from one of the ponds at Pella Crossing, a Boulder County Open Space area at North 75th Street south of Hygiene.

_Pella Crossing has catch-and-release rules for large and smallmouth bass, and Sprecher said Wednesday that he hadn’t immediately been able to reach a Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer to see whether he’d be able to check whether the striped bass he’d caught could somehow officially be weighed before freeing it to swim away.
According to the story, Sprecher wasn’t sure if he could keep the fish, but since it was almost dead, anyway, he decided to take the fish home. When wildlife officers arrived to verify the catch, Sprecher told them he had caught it at McIntosh Lake.

“I wasn’t honest,” Longmont High School student Sprecher said on Wednesday. “I’m greatly sorry for all this.” “It’s a good life lesson,” he said. “It wasn’t right for me to lie about it.”

All’s well that ends well, I guess, and it seems that Mr. Sprecher, as he acknowledged, will take away some wisdom from the experience, but what I really want to know is… where are these Boulder County ponds that hold 30-pound stripers and why isn’t Tim Romano catching them on the fly?