A Florida teen lost an arm after being attacked by an alligator while swimming in a river, but what he learned from a television show may have ultimately saved his life.

From this story on CNN:
Kaleb “Fred” Langdale was swimming with friends in in the Caloosahatchee River in Moore Haven in southwest Florida when an 11-foot alligator attacked, according to a report from CNN affliate WINK-TV. “As soon as he’d seen Fred, the gator was coming after him. On top of the water, as fast as he could pedal, his tail was wagging back and forth, he was coming,” Langdale’s friend Gary Beck told WINK. That’s when the teen’s TV gator knowledge kicked in, his sister, Rebecca Langdale, said in an interview with the Fort Myers News Press.

According to the story, Kaleb first grabbed the gator by the skin under its mouth to try to keep it from biting him, but when he turned to swim away, the gator grabbed his arm. And that’s when Kaleb’s interest in the National Geographic show “Swamp Men” may have saved his life.

From the story:“When he turned to swim, it grabbed his arm,” she said. “And he knew once it grabbed his arm, he was going to lose it.” “So he put both his feet on the alligator’s head and pushed and pretty much took his own arm off before the alligator could,” Rebecca said. Langdale’s aunt, LaDawn Hayes, said Fred learned the move from watching “Swamp Men,” according to the News-Press.

The alligator was later trapped and Kaleb’s arm recovered, but sadly, doctors could not reattach it. Still, that’s a pretty amazing survival story, and one not many would have the smarts and grace under pressure needed to survive.