Planning on bird or duck hunting in Mexico any time soon? If so, heads up: there are apparently new rules in place that prohibit American hunters from bringing back any birds shot in Mexico. Why? Fears of avian flu, according to this story in the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Mexico’s problem with bird flu has forced the U.S. Department of Agriculture to issue a declaration that hunters may not bring any dead birds back into the U.S. after hunting in Mexico. If you shoot it, you better eat it there or give it away. Huey Lyons of Lyons & O’Haver Taxidermy said a veterinarian from the U.S. Department of Agriculture visited his La Mesa shop recently and told him he can’t take any birds in that were shot in Mexico. It applies to doves, quail, pheasants, ducks and geese. A spokesman for the U.S. Department of Agriculture confirmed the new regulation.

Thoughts? Reaction? Is this going to affect anyone’s plans?