Montana wolf hunters are off to a quick start this season, with 25 wolves being taken across the state so far.

From this story in the Ravalli Republic:
Montana’s wolf season is off to a fast start, with 25 of the large predators killed after a six-week archery season and just over a week of rifle hunting. Biologists with the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks are hoping to reduce the number of wolves in the state in an effort to cut down on predation of game animals and livestock attacks. The FWP Commission this year approved an aggressive wolf hunting season that includes no statewide quota, a season longer than four months and trapping. As of Thursday afternoon, hunters had killed 25 wolves. And the kill was well distributed, with wolves taken in 12 of the state’s 17 wolf management units.

And if you haven’t yet tagged your wolf, don’t worry. According to the story, there’s still plenty of wolves out there.

From the story: _Biologists estimate there are a minimum of 653 wolves in the state in 130 different packs, but say the number is likely up to 30 percent higher. FWP has set a target population of 425 wolves by the end of the hunting season and made regulations more liberal to achieve that. Last year hunters killed 166 wolves statewide, falling short of the total quota of 220 that biologists had set.