Now this is what I call a mixed-bag hunt…

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I am old enough to remember “back in the day” when NEBRASKAland magazine used to have little advertisements in the magazine that bragged about Nebraska being the “Mixed Bag Capital of the World”. That was mostly a reference to our diverse upland game hunting opportunities, but I believe it is still true and still describes the hunting, fishing and trapping opportunities we have in Nebraska. In addition, we have relatively long open seasons for a number of game species and of course our fishing “season” is open all the time. To prove my point, let me share some pictures of the recent success experienced by one Nebraska hunter. . . . Justin is a friend of many of us here in my office and a couple weeks ago he sent us some pictures. He had drawn a Nebraska elk tag and was successful in harvesting a cow elk. That elk was taken in the morning which left plenty of time for some additional turkey and upland bird hunting later in the day. By late afternoon they barely had enough room in their pickup to haul all the game!

Wow. I’d say that was a pretty good mixed-bag hunt. What was your best or most most varied mixed-bag hunting day?