Say goodbye to some of your favorite road foods, including Twinkies.

Yes, that’s right. If a package of Twinkies or Ding-Dongs is your idea of the perfect deer stand or duck blind snack food (don’t laugh, we can’t all be epicures), you better grab all you can now. Like, enough to last the rest of your life. But don’t worry: With a half-life to rival plutonium, it’s not like your stockpiled Twinkies are actually going to go bad or anything.

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Hostess Brands says it is going out of business, closing plants that make Twinkies and Wonder Bread and laying off all of its 18,500 workers. The Irving, Texas, company says a nationwide worker strike crippled its ability to make and deliver its products at several locations. Hostess had warned employees that it would file a motion in U.S. Bankruptcy Court to unwind its business and sell assets if plant operations didn’t return to normal levels by Thursday evening.

Well, it was a good while it lasted, Twinkies. Now I’ll just have to find some other spongy, cream-filled snack cake to take your place. What’s your back-up junk food snack?