California hunters must feel a lot like Sisyphus. It seems they’re constantly struggling to roll that boulder uphill against a never-ending assault on hunting rights, only to have it roll right back down again. The latest boulder roll occurred last year, when California outlawed the use of dogs to hunt bears and bobcats. A state assemblyman has once again started the boulder rolling by introducing a bill that would, in essence, repeal that bill.

From this story in the High Desert Daily Press:
A bill that banned hunters from working with hounds to pursue bears and bobcats may be repealed if Assemblyman Tim Donnelly’s new bill gets approved by the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife. The bill, entitled AB 1230, would repeal SB 1221, which banned the use of hunting dogs in California last year but exempted government from the new law, according to a news release from Donnelly’s office. “Dedicated citizens came out to oppose the hypocritical and purposeless government ban imposed by SB 1221 last year,” Donnelly said in the release. “They were ignored. I am excited to give their voice another chance to be heard. AB 1230 will reverse the intrusive and harmful policy passed last year and restore the simple freedom our citizens enjoyed just months ago, to go hunting, safely, with their dogs.”

Thoughts? Anyone care to handicap the bill’s chances of passage, or is it destined to roll back downhill?