Texas Governor Rick Perry is on a mission to woo Northeastern gun makers like Colt and Beretta to relocate to the Lone Star state in response to recent gun legislation passed in New York, Connecticut, and Maryland.

According to CBS news, Perry planned a four-day tour where he plans to talk with gun manufacturers, as well as representatives in the pharmaceutical and financial industry, to highlight the potential advantages of operating in Texas–points he already eluded to in a Feb. 7 letter he sent to gun and ammunition makers in the northeast.

In conjunction with Perry’s visits, a $1 million ad campaign will launch in New York and Connecticut to plug Texas business benefits like no state income tax and less restrictive gun measures.

While gun makers have been vocal about relocating in past weeks, none have formally announced any plans, though Connecticut maker PTR Industries recently posted a statement on its website saying it has commitments from nearly all its employees to relocate.

Photo by Ed Schipul on Flickr