FAA Warns Colorado Town Against Drone Hunting

The people of Deer Trail, Colorado are serious when they say they don’t want unmanned drones flying over the town. They’re actually considering an ordinance to create drone hunting licenses and offer bounties for the “harvest” of any unmanned aerial vehicle.

“We do not want drones in town,” Phillip Steel, the town resident who drafted the ordinance, told Channel 7 News. “They fly in town, they get shot down.”

Residents will vote on the ordinance on Aug. 6. In the meantime, the Federal Aviation Administration, which regulates the nation’s airspace, including cities and towns, has issued a statement warning people that shooting at these drones could result in fines and prosecutions.

Under the town’s proposal, drone permits would sell for $25 each, be valid for one year, and allow shooters to use up to a 12-gauge shotgun. The problem for would-be drone shooters is an unmanned drone has never flown over the town. Town clerk Kim Oldfield said that doesn’t matter, and the proposal is merely figurative.

“If they were to read it for the title alone and not for the novelty and what it really is, it sounds scary, and it sounds super vigilante and frightening,” said Oldfield. “The real idea behind it is it’s a potential fun, moneymaker, and it could be really cool for our community and we’ve needed something to bring us together, and this could be it.”

CC image from Flickr