Too many kids start hunting now by sitting in blinds and killing turkeys, or sitting in shooting houses and killing deer (sometimes even two trophy bucks in a day), and you wonder if they ever learn what hunting is really about. In that light it’s refreshing to read the story of David Kidd IV, who comes from a line of moose hunters named David.

After drawing a Maine moose tag, passing hunter safety and learning to shoot and use a compass, Kidd and his father went hunting. They slept under the stars, scouted for two days, hiked and hunted hard for two days, got wet and cold and had one close call. Finally, on the next day he got very lucky when his father spotted a large bull after five minutes into their drive – and being lucky is part of hunting, too.

After the 770-pound moose was weighed and checked, Kidd and his father took it to the Orchard Park Nursing Home in Farmington, Maine, where his grandfather, Dave Kidd Jr., is confined to a wheelchair. The elder Mr. Kidd was able to come outside to see his grandson’s moose.