On Oct. 11, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers arrested 19-year-old Corey Hardie for illegally killing an American alligator after receiving a tip from the man’s father.

According to this story in the Sun Sentinel, Hardie texted a photo of the gator to his father, Tim, in early August. The elder Hardie didn’t like what he saw and emailed the image to the commission. When officers confronted Corey on Sept. 30 and read him his rights, he allegedly blamed a 27-year-old “friend,” but the story proved false after officers listened in on a phone call where Hardie admitted he “hacked” the gator with a machete.

Hardie faces charges of illegally killing an alligator, a third-degree felony, killing or wounding of any species designated as endangered or threatened, interfering with a Florida Fish and Wildlife law enforcement officer, providing false information to law enforcement and violating regulations governing alligator trapping.