bentley motors
An angler can dream, right?. Bentley Motors

The world’s fastest, and most expensive, SUV is now tailored to those with an affinity for fishing.

According to Robb Report, the special-edition Bentley Bentayga by Mulliner is a top-of-the-tight-line dream for fly fishermen. In the luxury ride, well-heeled anglers can race to their honey holes at a top speed of 187 mph, then carefully unwrap four rods tucked neatly inside saddle leather, linen-stitched cases. Burr walnut veneer drawers store flies, reels, and accessories, and the trunk is waterproof and has an electronic dehumidifier so wet waders won’t be a problem. It’s safe to say the new Bentayga goes beyond the needs of the average angler.

Should you, say, win the lottery and afford to buy one of these top-end rides, be sure to toast your good fortune with drinks stored in a special refreshments compartment.

But with a starting price of $105,300, tacked onto the $200,000-plus SUV, removing soggy waders and muddy boots before jumping in is a must.

bentley motors
A hand-crafted tackle box in the trunk. Bentley Motors