Photo courtesy of Ben Hider/NYSE

A fully-stocked campsite, complete with tent and grill, was set up amid the bright screens and chaos of the New York Stock Exchange on July 7, as Dave Allen, president of Coleman US, rang the opening bell at the conclusion of Independence Day weekend.

“I think the floor traders enjoyed the unusual sight,” said Allen, who grew up fishing and canoeing with his family in Wisconsin, Michigan and Canada.

Besides bringing a bit of the outdoors to Wall Street, Coleman recently encouraged kids to experience their local parks and forests during Great Outdoors Month in June. The company provided youth programs in five states with $110,000 worth of camping equipment.

“In addition to product donations, we supplied information on where to go, what to bring, and how to encourage first-time campers to create lasting memories of their own,” Allen said. “Hopefully, this will spark a lifetime of enjoyment in the outdoors.”