Before we go any further, yes, this story is satire, not news. The Onion is a humor publication, and it’s likely that their targets here are the annoying catch-and-release anglers, those purists who look down at anyone who keeps a fish while they inadvertently kill many that they release. Or, perhaps it’s an anti-duck hunting piece, but I don’t think so—if it is, it made me laugh anyway.

Here are the first few sentences. Follow this link to read the rest.

Taking care to restore the bird to its natural habitat in a timely manner, ethical hunter Rick Streeter threw a mallard duck back into the sky Monday shortly after shooting it, sources confirmed. “I’m only into hunting for the sport, so every time I shoot a duck, I make sure to toss him back into his home up in the air once I’m done,” said Streeter after gently lobbing the downed duck skyward.

Or, maybe the piece is just funny and absurd. Discuss.