Self-proclaimed pack rat Diane Dawson of Fairbanks, Alaska recently unveiled a unique, lighthearted take on moose management—a humongous spring-loaded trap modeled after the type used to catch mice.

According to the Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Dawson created the trap, a giant-sized version of the classic Victor mouse snares, from a sheet of plywood, an old spring and copper tubing, and painted the words “Moose Trap Alaska Style” at the top.

While the non-working trap is just for laughs, it is perfectly suited for Dawson’s yard. For years she’s been collecting and displaying things like a giant gold pan, old mining equipment, and chainsaw carvings on her front lawn for all to see. In fact, years ago, tour busses drove by her house on a regular basis so people could see her collection of oddities.

“We’ve had quite a few drive-bys,” Dawson said. “Someone said I should put it outside the gate so people could get their pictures taken with it.”

Photo by Tim Mowry / News-Miner