A quadcopter hooks into a smallmouth bass, courtesy of Newsflare. Newsflare

Man Uses Drone to Land Smallmouth Bass

A quadcopter lands a smallmouth bass.

Last Friday, David Freiheit, a Canadian drone enthusiast, used a quadcopter to land a smallmouth bass, WCAX reports. He attached some line and a jitterbug lure to his drone, flew it over Lake Champlain, and successfully brought the bass to shore.

Freiheit posted a video on Youtube of the catch, stating he wanted to attempt an “internet first,” UPI reports. “We’re going to go fishing with a drone,” he says in the video, “but we’re not using worms and we’re not on a little pond. We’re on Lake Champlain and we’re going to be trolling with a jitterbug.” However, he was altogether shocked when, soon after, the drone hooked into the bass and dragged it to shore.

“This is the craziest thing that’s ever happened, actually,” Freiheit said in the video, stating that it was “the biggest fish of [his] life.” He told WCAX that he has already filled an application to Guinness World Records, attempting to get them to start a “biggest fish caught by a drone” category, but that for now he needs to figure out “what to do with the rest of [his] life.”