To cater to a new breed of first-time gun buyers—about a third of them are women—upscale shooting ranges are popping up around the country. These so-called “guntry clubs” are attracting young urban or suburban shooting enthusiasts, who have money to spend and may find the atmosphere of a traditional shooting range unappealing or even intimidating. The Washington Post’s Post TV spotlights high-end clubs in Denver, Miami, and the D.C.-area, in a recent video.

Since 2005, gun sales have doubled, and many of those sales have been to first-time buyers. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the average age of new shooters is 33 years old. Forty-seven per cent live in the city or the suburbs, and 37 per cent are female. Their demand for places to shoot has spurred investment in new, upscale range facilities designed to appeal to a wide demographic.

“A lot of savvy investors have seen the surge in sales within the firearms industry, see that it’s a quality industry to invest in and are smartly doing so,” says NSSF’s Zach Snow. “These ranges are trying to project a comfortable image to the largest contingent of people possible.” A comfortable image may include amenities like imported floors, granite countertops, training simulators, sleek locker rooms and gun vaults, cigar lounges, leather couches, cafes, and wi-fi.