Photograph via ABC Action News/YouTube

Although most residents of Tampa, Florida, have been struggling to stay safe and dry amidst record rainfall and flash flooding this summer, one impromptu angler recently took advantage of the high waters. On Monday, area TV station WFTS ABC Action News shared a video of a man noodling for fish on a flooded sidewalk and successfully catching one with his hands as it swims across the concrete. After posing with the fish for a few quick pictures, the man walks back toward the sidewalk, where the fish squirms out of his grasp and disappears into the water.

According to The Weather Channel, in the past 10 days Tampa International Airport has recorded more than 17 inches of rainfall, which is greater than the averages for the city’s two wettest months combined. So, two questions remain after watching the clip: when will the rain stop and what kind of fish did the man catch?