A letter from an elderly constituent has prompted Minnesota state legislators to sponsor a bill that would guarantee a hunter antlerless deer tags every year after his 84th birthday. George Krog, 84, of Two Harbors, has hunted deer every year since his military service in the 1950s. The retired steel worker last shot a buck in 2012, but since suffering a heart attack two years ago, he can’t hunt as hard as he used to. In recent seasons, the few deer he’s seen have been does, for which he hasn’t been able to draw a tag.

Krog wants a better chance to shoot a deer, so he wrote to his state senator, Majority Leader Tom Bakk. According to the Augusta Chronicle, the handwritten letter read, in part: “In my younger days I could sit almost all day long, now I can sit maybe two hours. The windfalls are higher and the hills are steeper.”

In response to Krog’s request, Sen. Bakk and representative David Dill are working to shepherd the bill through the Minnesota house and senate. “Maybe 200 people take advantage of this,” said Rep. Dill. “Maybe 2,000, maybe it’s 5,000—I really don’t care. This is something that every legislator in their term… has the opportunity to do: to help somebody.”

The Minnesota DNR has not yet taken a position on the bill. The agency estimates there are 2,200 hunting license buyers of an eligible age to buy guaranteed antlerless tags, if the legislation passes.