Millie Martin from Tyler, Texas, took down an impressive 6×7 New Mexico bull elk scoring 331 last month, just a year after harvesting a 9-point whitetail buck. The hunter is only 11 years old.

According to the Tyler Morning Telegraph, Martin and her 13-year-old cousin Macy Lasater were hunting Unit 34 of the Lincoln National Forest with their fathers, after drawing tags for the public land hunt on their very first attempt. The summer leading up to the hunt, Martin practiced firing her .308 off shooting sticks at targets up to 150 yards.

A friend in south-central New Mexico did some pre-season scouting for the family. “That is why we walked in the first morning and there were 12 bulls in the canyon,” Martin’s father explained, adding that the 6×7 was among them. “He had all those cows with him. He came out 250 yards down the mountain, but he came out moving them. He was running them every which way.”

With the harem distracting the bull from the hunters’ attempts to call, they left the area and returned later in the day. “Finally my dad said, ‘Here comes some cows out of the trees,'” said Martin. “Then the 6×7 bull came out and it hit me. I started to shake like crazy. I was breathing hard and my dad kept saying ‘Millie take deep breaths.’ I said, ‘It’s going to be a long shot.'”

The bull came in slowly from 400 yards to 286 yards, where it turned just enough to present a shot. Martin fired twice and the bull went down. “I started to scream so loud my cousin on the other side of the mountain heard me,” the young hunter said. (Indeed, you should adjust your volume before the two-minute mark of the video below.) Her cousin Macy, consequently, downed her own bull the next afternoon from 240 yards.