SHARE, a Craigslist for hunters and anglers, went live earlier this month. It’s the first nationwide swap site for hunting, fishing and shooting gear.

Outdoorsmanswap is the brainchild of Mark Davis, of Ankeny, Iowa. The idea came to him, he says, as he was getting ready to take his children hunting. “I was trying to find hunting clothes for my kids and it was frustrating. You look on Craigslist under sporting goods and all you find is golf clubs.”

As Davis conducted his due diligence, he found swap sites devoted to other outdoor pursuits such as skiing, but none for hunters and anglers.

Convinced there was a market for such a site, Davis and his partners found sponsors including Primos, Wildlife Research Industries and Berkely. Unlike some online auction sites, charges no transaction fees. Instead it simply puts buyers, sellers and traders together. In its first week the site attracted 500-600 unique visitors a day. While the offerings are limited right now, Davis hopes they will grow quickly as word about the site spreads.