Hate the endless off-season?

Move to Avon Lake, Ohio, where soon it will be deer season every day. The city of Avon Lake approved a year-round archery season to control deer within the city. Hunters will have to apply for a deer control permit, submit maps to police showing where they plan to hunt, and obtain written permission from all property owners. The police will visit the properties to ensure archery equipment is safe to use on the premises, reports the Chronicle-Telegram.

The heavily wooded city of 22,000 people on the shores of Lake Erie west of Cleveland witnessed a rapidly growing deer population. Recently an Avon Lake resident was sent to the hospital for stitches by an aggressive deer that attacked her small dog.

A previous deer culling ordinance was deemed ineffective because it was too restrictive. Now, Avon Lake hunters can hunt year round if they obtain the proper control permit. City Council member Dave Kos introduced several amendments to the ordinance intended to make it safer, including establishing minimum acreage requirements, requiring all hunting to be done from elevated stands, and banning hunting near schools and daycares. Only the amendment requiring hunting from an elevated stand passed, and that may be waived at the discretion of police visiting the hunting site. City officials believe the previous ordinance failed because it contained too many restrictions.

The city’s Environmental Advisory Board consulted the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and other cities with deer problems before recommending that the city hold a year-round archery hunt. Mayor Greg Zilka says hunters can hunt any day of the year so long as they possess an agricultural deer culling permit.

“It’s a big improvement over what we had, and I’m pleased with that,” Zilka told the newspaper.