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Photograph courtesy of Ed Landphere

Anglers have all had their share of bad days on the river—but going home empty-handed sure beats this. The truck in this picture—which belongs to flyfishing guide Darrin Deel—is on the bottom of the Trinity River in California, while Deel’s boat, still attached, floats on top.

After guiding two steelhead fisherman on Sunday, Deel was loading his six-week-old drift boat onto its trailer when, three cranks in, the trailer and truck started rolling into the water. Apparently, though, the parking and emergency brakes were both on. “I jumped in to throw [the truck] in park, and it was already in park,” says Deel, with 530 Outfitters. “At that point, it was rolling so fast it took me with it. I couldn’t get out until water started coming in.”

Deel’s wallet and fishing equipment were in the boat and stayed dry. His cell phone, however, was charging in the truck and is a total loss—as is the 2004 Toyota 4Runner itself. Fortunately, Deel has insurance, and he’s now shopping for a Tundra. It’s still unclear why the truck slid into the water, but a bad transmission may be to blame.