With only a few hours left to accomplish holiday shopping, you may have deals on your mind—and so do Texas gun owners. Republican State Representative Jeff Leach of Plano, Texas, has authored a tax bill to establish a three-day tax-free shopping weekend for anyone wishing to buy guns, ammo, or gun cleaning supplies at the end of August. The bill would also cover hunting supplies like deer stands and archery equipment.

The bill, HB206, was originally introduced in 2013 and proposed that the tax-free weekend coincide with Texas’ Independence Day on March 2. According to the Houston Chronicle, the bill is endorsed by the National Rifle Association and, if it passes, would make Texas the third state to establish this type of temporary tax-break. Louisiana and Mississippi already have gun holidays like this one.

This is not the only gun-related bill up for review by Texas legislature. “We have so many gun bills that have been filed that we can’t have anything but an Open Carry law passed next year,” C.J. Grisham, founder of the activist group Open Carry Texas, optimistically told Reuters earlier this week.