A South Carolina man is alive—thanks to the quick thinking, and quick legs, of his teenage son—after he fell 20 feet from a treestand during a hunting and camping trip last weekend.

Lake Alexander’s father was attempting to move the treestand, when the bottom fell out and he plummeted to the ground, head first. Unconscious, not breathing, and bleeding from his ears, the man needed immediate medical attention, but the 14-year-old needed to first find cellular service outside of the remote area near Mount Carmel.

“It was terrifying,” Alexander tells FOX affiliate WHNS. “I thought we had lost him, but then I thought, I have to stay calm and I have to save him.”

While a family friend administered CPR, Alexander ran back to camp, then rode an ATV several miles until he was able to get a phone signal strong enough to call 911. By the time he returned to his father’s side, his dad had regained consciousness, but he was coughing up blood and unable to speak or respond to questions. A half-hour later, an ambulance was on the scene and transported him to a hospital in Augusta, Georgia, where doctors said he cracked his skull and broke bones in his neck, back, shoulder and wrist. He underwent surgery early this week, when he was still in intensive care.

While Alexander is happy his father is still with him, he also points out the accident could’ve been avoided had his father been wearing a safety harness. “I really think that was the scariest experience of my life and I’m just thankful things worked out the way they did,” he said. “Always wear your safety harness when you’re in a deer stand. He was just going to quickly move [the tree stand] and wasn’t strapped in, and this time just happened to be the time when he needed to be.”